Radio Eden 

A Global Broadcasting Company

Eurobird 9 / Eutelsat 9  - Coverage over Europe, Middle East and North Africa

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Radio Eden - Reaching Beyond

Have you ever listened to your radio and found yourself to tuning from one station to the next only to realise that they are all playing the same music?

We are different!

At least we aim to be different by bringing you different music, different programs and features which are often out of the ordinary.

So if you can't stand the monotony of your local radio stations why not give us try?

You will find music rarely heard on other stations, specialist and Christian broadcasters, community groups and less than box standard music genre.

Other than in English we broadcast in Russian, Arabic, Farzi and German.

Why not give it go?

If you live in the broadcast area shown  in the picture above or in the two pictures below all you need is a satellite dish and a digital receiver, tune your dish to Eurobird 9 at 9 degrees East, to Intelsat 20 at 68.5 degrees East or to Galaxy 19 at 97 degrees West and choose 'Radio Eden'.

We are looking forward to meeting you on air!

Intelsat 20
Coverage over Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and Australia

Galaxy 19 
Coverage over North and Central America and the Pacific Region

Amos 5
Dual Coverage of Africa, the Middle East and Central Europe